About Joanne

About Joanne

I’m Joanne and Everyday Alignment was born out of a simple desire to help and inspire people.

I certified as a Life Coach in 2004 and also went on to achieve an International Coaching Accreditation with the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy in 2016.

I love creative writing, especially blogging, manifestation journaling and scripting. I have a deep fascination with the way we all take on beliefs and tell stories about all aspects of our lives over and over again…until we literally start to live every word we are saying!

Words are spells and this is why I love journaling and scripting so much – both are amazing tools for helping us all to explore different perspectives so that we can learn to focus on what we ‘prefer’ to experience instead of accepting and reacting to ‘what is’ showing up as our reality.

Everyday Alignment is all about helping you to be more purposeful about the life you are creating. By using manifestation planners, journaling and scripting, you can step more into presence, make peace with where you are, feel your feelings, embrace a different way of seeing your universe and create a new story for your life.

When I am not creating content or have my head buried in a journal, I love relaxing with my lovely family or enjoying time just being me.

Life is too short to ‘not’ focus on what you feel passionately about – and my passion is to help you check in on your energy regularly and create your own story so that you can truly align with a life you love.

Best wishes

Joanne‌‌Your Everyday Alignment Coach

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